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Technical Hifi
Carpeted 15'' Five way Active Loudspeaker with USB and mp3 Inputs
Carpeted 15'' Five way Active Loudspeaker with USB and mp3 Inputs Carpeted 15'' Five way Active Loudspeaker with USB and mp3 Inputs
Model: Pvrtx15U
Description: Carpeted 15'' Five way Active Loudspeaker with USB and mp3 Inputs
Color: Black

Big Big Big Sound! If you are setting up for a large live venue, outdoors or indoors you need a speaker set up that can provide big, club and stadium style sound! You need to know that your speakers can handle the massive power they will be taking in and outputting the most professional sound possible. The PVRTX15U Carpeted 15” 5 Way Active Loudspeaker with USB flash drive and MP3 inputs by Technical Pro is the answer to your big club sound needs! In addition to providing a big, professional club sound these speakers give you numerous input options. You can push out virtually any sound. Connect your sources by using the RCA, USB flash drive or MP3 inputs. This will allow you to plug in your iPod™ or USB flash drive and play music without any additional connections or equipment! If you are a DJ and need to take a break from mixing or you just want to play continuous music without having to worry about changing songs, plug in your phone or USB flash drive, press play and you’re all set! Connect up to two microphones in the 1/4” microphone inputs and use the volume echo controls to sweeten your sound. Massive power, durability and options!

The total power output is 1200 watts of peak power. Inside the sturdy casing are 3 Piezo tweeters, one 5'' x 15'' horn with a 1.5” voice coil and a 25 oz. magnet and one 15'' woofer with a 2.5'' voice coil and 50 oz. magnet. This combination of tweeters / woofers / horns will give you booming lows, solid mids and crystal clear highs. These speakers are active speakers. This means that the amplifier is built in and there is no need for any additional power. Technical Pro took this a step further and also loaded this baby with a 7- Band Equalizer. If you are setting up your room and need adjust your speaker output to compensate or lessen a particular frequency simply make your adjustments on the 7-Band EQ and you will achieve the exact sound you are after! Additional adjustments can be made by using the bass, treble and volume controls. If you are designing sound for a large club or venue, a live big-stage setting or need big power for a outdoor or indoor event, or even you just want a professional and BIG sound for your back yard or deck, these are the most durable and professional sounding speakers on today’s market!

The box housing the advanced components is carpeted and has full length perforated grill on the front. Each corner is reinforced for additional protection. If you take one look at this design, you know these speakers were built to handle extreme power. Professional sound in a house that will not fall!

If you are looking to move around a lot and don’t want to be bogged down with gear all you need is your .mp3 files loaded onto a USB flash drive a microphone and the PVRTX15U. Just connect the USB flash drive, the microphone, the power cord for the PVRTX15U and you are clear for take-off.

Moving and carrying these speakers is made easy by using the easy-to-grip two carrying handles. The engineers at Technical Pro know that when dealing with this type of power in a big room sound environment the equipment will become hot! No need to worry about this baby having any heat issues. The rear mounted fan will keep it as cool as a cucumber all night long!

If you need massive sound in your speaker set up and want the security that your speaker is built to last and will push out a consistent, professional sound output all night long, the PVRTX15U from Technical Pro is exactly what you need!
Technical Hifi
  • 1200 watts peak power
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Inputs: RCA, USB & MP3
  • Powered (Active) output: Banana
  • Microphone Inputs: 1/4'' (2)
  • Microphone volume and echo controls
  • Woofer: 15'' woofer, 2.5'' voice coil, 50 oz. magnet
  • Mid: 5'' x 15'' horn, compression driver 1.5'' voice coil 25 oz. magnet
  • Tweeter: 4 piezo
  • Built-in 7 band equalizer
  • Sound meter
  • Bass, treble and volume controls
  • Rear mounted fan keeps amplifier cool
  • Frequency response: 45Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 ±2dB (1W@1M)
  • Full Length perforated steel grill
  • Stackable
  • 2 Integral carry handles
  • Reinforced corners
  • Dimensions: 18''w x 32''h x 13.5''d
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • 110V
  • MSRP: $279.00

Technical Hifi
Technical Hifi
Technical Hifi

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Technical Hifi
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