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Technical Hifi
Portable Audio System Including Passive and Active Speaker
Portable Audio System Including Passive and Active Speaker Portable Audio System Including Passive and Active Speaker
Model: UParty8
Description: Portable Audio System Including Passive and Active Speaker
Color: Black

Technical Pro is consistent in providing gear that makes it easy to provide a professional sound system in an easy to set up and easy to use system. The UParty8 is a Portable Audio System including One Passive and One Powered speaker. The UParty is exactly that…YOU PARTY!!! This unit is so easy to set up and use anyone can do it. The engineers at Technical Pro built this unit with the same technology as their large room speaker set ups so you know you will be outputting a superior sound!

The UParty8 consists of two full range two-way loudspeakers. One speaker is passive and the other is powered. There is an amplifier built-in to the powered speaker that will in turn power that speaker and the passive speaker as well. There is no need for an additional amplifier or bulky equipment! This unit can push out a total peak power of 1000 watts. This is serious power! Each speaker is made up of one 8” woofer and one piezo horn driver. This combination will give you a booming low end and crystal clear highs. This is professional sound! The inputs consist of RCA, USB and MP3 (1/8”) and dual microphone inputs with volume and echo control. Connect your DJ mixer or another sound source. Plug in an MP3 player or a USB thumb drive and play files from these sources. Connect your iPhone™ or iPod™ by using the MP3 (1/8”) input and play your songs through this system! Plug in a couple of microphones and deliver a speech or give a live singing performance through this innovative system! The output are bare wire terminals and included with purchase is speaker wire to connect the powered speaker to the passive speaker.

The Uparty8 has a built in 7-Band Equalizer. The EQ can be used to find the correct frequency balance depending on the performance space. This is a mobile unit and will be used in different spaces and venues. You will want to change the frequency output depending on the style of music and the size of the venue. Use the built in EQ and you’re all set! There are controls for overall volume, bass and treble as well. Use the LED sound meter and make your adjustments while watching the meter change!

The Uparty8 has a durable and very stylish design. If you are setting up for a conference or board room meeting you will impress your clients and associates with this unit. If you are setting up for a mobile performance your audience will notice the chic design. The Uparty8 has reinforced corners, a high grade piano finish vinyl on the outside and a perforated steel grill covering the face… making it look fantastic and keeping it protected! There are wheels and an extendable carry-on type handle in addition to the top handle. The ease of mobility to this unit makes it the perfect match for any mobile set up. Just roll it out, plug it in and go! And the price on this unit is almost too low to list!

Technical Pro's UPARTY series is practically a party on wheels. The UPARTY comes equipped with a built-in amplifier, and two speakers (one passive one powered). The powered speaker not only powers itself but also the passive speaker, saving you the trouble of finding another amplifier.

The UPARTY's portability allows you to take it where ever it is needed and the easy setup will have you playing in just a matter of minutes.

Dual microphone inputs to go along with USB and SD Card inputs will keep the PARTY going all night.
Technical Hifi
  • Includes two full range two-way loudspeakers: one powered one passive
  • 800 watts peak power
  • Inputs: RCA, USB, SD Card, MP3 (1/8'')
  • Includes speaker wire to connect active speaker to passive speaker
  • Dual mic Inputs with volume and echo controls
  • Woofer: 8'', 1.375'' diaphragm, 30 oz. magnet
  • Horn Driver: Piezo
  • Built-in 7 Band Equalizer
  • Equalization Points: 60Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1KHz, 3KHz, 8KHz, 16KHz
  • LED sound meter
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • Master Volume Control
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 99+/-2db (1w@1m)
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Perforated steel grill
  • High grade piano finish vinyl
  • Integral top carry handle
  • Includes wheels and extendable carry-on type handle
  • Reinforced steel corners
  • Dimensions: 11.5''w x 17.75''h x 12''d
  • Total Weight: 40 lbs
  • 110V
  • MSRP: $299.00

Technical Hifi
Technical Hifi
Technical Hifi

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Technical Hifi
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